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Corporate Performance


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Corporate Performance

Main Customer Plant & Project
Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Ltd
Maintenance For PTA Plant, Plant Modification for 650,000 Ton Ethylene Project, 1,400,000 Ton Aromatic Hydrocarbon Project, and 8,000,000 Ton Oil Refining Project.
Benzene Alkyl Plant of Jinling Petrochemical Ltd. Alkyl Plant etc
Refinery of Jinling Petrochemical Ltd. Hydrogenation, Reforming, and Decompress Project
YBS Whole Plant
Bao Steel No.2 Steel Co. Ltd, 1580 Rolling Mill and 135 Ton Boiler Project
Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Chemical Ltd. Acetone Plant and 66,000 Ton Rubber Plant
Zhenhai Refinery Chemical Ltd.
90 tons of hydrocracking unit,Transformation of 700 tons of oil refining,Transformation of 800 tons of oil refining,300 tons of diesel hydrogenation project,1.8 million tons gas oil hydrotreating,300 tons of catalytic projects.
Luo Yang Petrochemical Ltd. Chemical Fiber Project
Supply and Sale Company of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Ltd. Fertilizer and Gasogene Project
Maoming Petrochemical Machinery Ltd. Refinery Rebuilding Project
Wuhan Petrochemical Ltd. Rebuilding and Hydrogenation Project
Liaoning Huajin Chemical Industry Group “Eleventh Five-year Plan” Project of Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Xianglu Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. PTA project with an annual production capacity of 1.20 million tons
Hanbang (Jiangyin) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. PTA project with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons
Nanjing Baose Co., Ltd. Gasket made from special materials such as titanium, zirconium, hastelloy, etc.


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